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4/16/2018 10:50:51 AM

St. Thomas and Elgin County will be conducting the area's first ever homeless count. The City of St. Thomas, the YWCA St. Thomas and various other community organizations will be doing the count from April 20 - 27th. Organizers will be surveying those who are staying in local shelters, short term housing and those sleeping without shelter.
This survey will provide them with a better idea of the local homelessness population. It is difficult for them to identify other forms of homelessness, like those who are staying with friends or family for a short period of time.   
As a result of this, organizers are anticipating that the results will underestimate the actual homeless numbers.
The results will still provide them with a valuable information that they will use to design better programs to assist the homeless.
Organizers plan to do this survey every two years.

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